Industry sessions

Companies that are looking for a scientifically driven engagement to the participants of the 31st ECNP Congress can choose between three types of industry sessions:

  • Satellite symposia
  • Expert science exchange sessions
  • Product theatre sessions



Industry manual
For all information regarding industry sessions, please download the Industry manual.

Satellite symposia (C) 
These scientifically oriented sessions (1 hour 30 minutes) are organised by and with educational financial support from industry. The programmes have been reviewed for balance and rigour by the Scientific Programme Committee and are accredited for European CME.

Satellite symposia can be organised during the following time slots:

Satellite symposia time slots    
Saturday 6 October 2018  10.00-11.30 maximum 4 in parallel 
  12.30-14.00 maximum 4 in parallel
  15.00-16.30 maximum 4 in parallel 
Sunday 7 October 2018  17.15-18.45 maximum 5 in parallel  
Monday 8 October 2018  17.15-18.45 maximum 5 in parallel 
Tuesday 9 October 2018  16.30-18.00 maximum 5 in parallel 

Organisers of a satellite symposium will be charged a fixed fee of EUR 45,000 (excl. VAT). In return the satellite symposium will be listed in the printed matter of the congress and on the ECNP Congress website and ECNP app. The technical equipment present in the room for the ECNP sessions and the room rental are included in the fee mentioned above. All other costs will be covered by the organiser of the satellite symposium.

For more detailed information please read the Industry manual

The deadline to apply for satellite symposia was 15 December 2017.

Expert science exchange (CE)
These sessions are set up to provide industry the opportunity to interact with a small group of participants on a specific topic. The programme takes place in parallel with the official ECNP scientific programme.

Each expert science exchange session has a slot of one hour. In this hour, a maximum of 3 presentations by experts on a specific topic of each 20 minutes can be scheduled.

Each presentation has a limited capacity of 80 participants and admittance is given on a first-come-first-served basis. The sessions are organised and financially supported by industry. They do not come with CME credit.

Expert science exchange time slots    
Sunday 7 October 2018  09.00-10.00 
Monday 8 October 2018  09.00-10.00 
Tuesday 9 October 2018  09.00-10.00

Organisers of an expert science exchange session will be charged a fixed fee of EUR 10,000 (excl. VAT). The pre-defined presentation equipment and the room rental are included in the fee mentioned above. All other costs will be covered by the organiser of the expert science exchange.

For organising an expert science exchange, please use the 'apply here' button:


Product theatre (PT)
New this year, the product theatre provides a structured space for companies to present specific services, applications or products. These hands-on, interactive sessions provide a high-value forum for exhibitors to engage with participants on a broad range of issues, including treatment approaches, the uses of specific medications, clinical insights, and product demonstrations. Each product theatre session is 30 minutes. They do not come with CME credit.

Organisers of product theatre session will be charged a fixed fee of EUR 15,000 (excl. VAT). The set-up of the theatre is pre-defined. No changes or additional equipment is possible. 

If you would like to apply for a product theatre session please contact the ECNP Office at