ECNP Congress

The annual ECNP Congress is Europe’s premier scientific meeting for disease-oriented brain research, attracting neuroscientists, psychiatrists, neurologists and psychologists from around the world.

We have prominent researchers and scientists in the field, talking about what attending ECNP Congress means to the psychiatric community and how it contributes significantly to cutting edge psychiatry. Watch the videos

ECNP is an independent scientific association dedicated to the science and treatment of disorders of the brain. It is the largest non-institutional supporter of applied and translational neuroscience research and education in Europe. Read more
Besides the congress, ECNP organises a wide range of scientific and educational activities, programmes and events across Europe, promoting the exchange of high-quality experimental and clinical research in applied and translational neuroscience and fostering young scientists and clinicians. View agenda


31st ECNP Congress 2018: What’s new?

This year, we present an exciting new alternative session in the form of a panel discussion on the topic: More same than different? the state of evidence for shared etiologies across psychiatric disorders. Experts in the field will be a part of the panel and will trigger an exchange of different viewpoints on the subject.

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ECNP President and Secretary visit the office

We were happy to host ECNP President Celso Arango and Secretary Martien Kas at the ECNP office, in Utrecht, the Netherlands, on 20 February. Celso Arango also shared ideas with the ECNP Office about preparations for the upcoming 31st ECNP Congress in Barcelona, Spain, on 6-9 October 2018. In this video, he will take you on a tour of the ECNP office. We hope you enjoy it.

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ECNP in depth with Florence Thibaut  

Florence Thibaut is a psychiatrist and endocrinologist, currently professor of psychiatry at the University Hospital Cochin-Tarnier of Paris-Descartes University (France). Her research interests are varied and include addiction, schizophrenia genetics, and paraphilia. In an interview with ECNP, she shared some insights into her career choices as well as her ongoing research work.

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ECNP Nutrition Network featured in EU Journal

In this article, published in the EU journal Open Access Government, ECNP executive director Alex Schubert explores the link between our mental health and what we eat? The article featuring Suzanne Dickson and the ECNP Nutrition Network also talks about the rise of a dynamic new field, ‘nutritional psychiatry.'

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The ECNP Congress offers a variety of ways for companies to engage with congress participants at both the scientific and educational levels: Satellite symposia, Expert science exchange sessions, Product theatre, the Exhibition, Industry views, Communication support, Free standing banners, Educational grants and Group registration.

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Past ECNP Congresses

The 30th ECNP Congress took place in Paris on 2-5 September 2017. You will find complete info on programme (symposia, industry sessions, poster sessions, abstracts and biographies of the speakers), keynote and plenary speakers, webcasts of the session, industry views on our history page.

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A Glimpse of the last ECNP Congress....

30th ECNP Congress, Paris, 2-5 September 2017

Watch the video to experience the ECNP Congress and see what experts in the field have to say about it....